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Dear Marketer

Content is king as they say when it comes to Internet Marketing but it can be a painful process.

Are you sick of having to spend countless hours sitting there behind your desktop or laptop with the hours whittling away as you create article after article in an effort to drive content to your website?

Everything has to be unique otherwise your efforts are going to be detrimental.

But what you are about to hear is going to be music to your ears!

Because what I am about to show you, will put an end to those long hours of content marketing and greatly increase your chances of driving traffic to your website and product or service.

Your about to be able to enjoy the following benefits…

  • Get Authority Back Links (High Powered PR3 to PR8 Links)
  • Top Search Engine Positions
  • Employing The Use Of High Rank i.e. Scribd
  • Use PLR Materials or Existing Articles…without getting slapped
  • Generate PDF’S at SPEED
  • Schedule Postings

…And Much, Much More

Works Like A Charm

“I have been using Dmr for a few weeks now and im really happy with the programe. Its so easy to use, it took me 10  minutes to learn how to import and spin articles add my anchor  links and produce my first PDF.

The account creation module works like a charm,It creates accounts,validates emails and posts pdfs with minimal effort on my part. All in all A handy addition to any internet marketers toolkit.”

- Mittie goon


I Love This Software!!

“Love this software. Just fill in your details, scrape one article spin it and transform to pdf. It is just as easy as that. Did forget one thing. You will also be able to ping your links to your doc sharing sites.

The best thing with Stephens products is that you always know what you get. I am a swedish guy and you probably heard about Volvo. Volvo is a swedish car and it goes and goes and goes. Just like a clock.

The same with Stephens Software. You always know what you get.”

- Thomas Candevi

 Hi there, my name is Steve Hawkins, and yes I am somebody who has been in Internet Marketing for a long time.  Like many Marketers the question of content has been a laborious one as I drove traffic to my sites.

I put an END to the frustration caused by long hours and days, and now I’m enjoying a career in Internet Marketing that allows me to concentrate on the major parts of making money online. Content creation being quick easy and effective the long hours of article writing has gone.  

However before I go further let me explain the ineffective process I use to go through writing article after article. 

Because although it had a small drip effect to my sites…it was slow, it was time consuming, it was overall ineffective for quick results.

Like many Internet Marketers I knew that it was a worthless challenge having to put the hours in writing articles and content marketing at the speed I had to work at.

I tried everything to put an end to the lost hours writing articles, creating products and buying PLR but every solution fell short.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about, because chances are, your either doing it or tried it.

The other answers out there simply blew a hole in your bank account and often didn’t deliver what you were looking for.  The outsourcing that slowly builds up the cost over time…but I am a Marketer at the end of the day..

And I even went so far as to try Press Releases, but only ended up getting MORE frustrated as this impressed no one and why compete with Google News.

 I needed and wanted an all-round solution for all the content marketing needs that I had.

Clearly I was NEVER going to get anywhere if I relied on other people to solve my Content Marketing  needs for me, so I decided that I’d just have to figure it out myself.

So I got to work…

I needed an all around solution for the content I needed not just a short term answer that comes with outsourcing or copy and pasting press releases on the website!

Something automated, something unique, something that would help me climb the rankings quickly and more importantly help me get the traffic.

 And as they say, the rest is history…

After months of trial and error, my content creation question was gone!

No more hours sitting there writing and writing… No more having to combine a full time job while writing and writing… and no more lost hours trying to build a business…

And this is what I came up with….


  • Built in Scraped Articles
  • Importing PLR Materials (single or multiple)
  • Use of My own Articles
  • Auto Spin Selected Article
  • Auto Preview Spun Articles

  • Add Your Own Keywords and URL’S
  • Auto Spin Your Articles
  • Auto Add Spintax on PDF Creation To Each Output
  • Auto Add Selected Links To Each PDF
  • Auto Add Multiple Links To Keywords
  • Auto Add Footer Links
  • Generate Multiple Article Versions in a single button press
  • Embed images into pdf’s
  • Embed click able image links in pdf  (ideal for calls to action)
  • Generate PDF with Custom File Names

  • Auto Create PDF Accounts On The Top Document Sharing Sites
  • Allow Spintax To Be Added When Generating Accounts
  • Multi Threaded execution and Creation
  • Auto Post Selected PDF’s to multiple sites
  • Auto Schedule Posts
  • Auto Retrieve Posted Links
  • Verify Process To Test Links
  • Export Retrieved Links


  • Ping Retrieved Links
  • Tweet Selected Link + Spintax

  • Spinner chief
  • Spin chimp
  • The Best Spinner


NOTE: DMR does not viotate any of the twitter guidelines as shown here.

You must always adhere to the Twitter TOS when posting your tweets

Document Marketing Robot is here to make sure every Marketeer can improve their traffic, online visibility by getting visitors and buyers immediately through very effective content marketing.

We are not just focusing on Articles but wholesale PLR and PDF creation so the content you are putting together allows you to create products as well as actual articles.

Not only do we give you the ability to spin every article but we also give you the ability to automatically post the content to high ranking websites. 

 Nearly every Marketeer online struggles with Content at some point from its creation to its postings.

But that is exactly what Document Marketing Robot does for you…creates the content, posts the content, makes the content unique and most of all gets the traffic.

That is why me and the team have made Document Marketing Robot available to everyone online…so you do not have any more content or traffic woes.

Document Marketing Robot Gives you… 

  • Authority Back Links
  • Greater Search Engine Rankings
  • Use of High Rank Keywords
  • Use PLR Content
  • Use Articles Without Getting Slapped
  • Create PDFs at WILL
  • Automatic Posting + Scheduling

Within hours your Content Marketing woes could be behind you. 

Don’t stress about traffic creation through content marketing because quite simply Document Marketing Robot does that for you.

You can easily pay $100’s throughout the year for expensive but ineffective solutions such as outsourcing and have nothing to show for it but a dent in your bank account. Or you can pay up to a whopping $197 for some system that gives you nothing more than Press Releases!

Of course, you could always try to come up with your own solution, but why would you invest that much time, money, and energy, when I’ve done all the hard work for you?

 In fact, when you consider how much work I’ve put into Document Marketing Robot, you’d expect to pay upwards of $197… which makes the actual price of just $67… a real steal!

It’s a small price to pay, I’m sure you’ll agree…

 And you take zero risk because you’re Covered by a 100% Money back Guarantee!

 You’ve likely tried many solutions for Content Marketing and Traffic creation before, only to be let down over and over, so you’re worried about getting burned again…

I completely understand!

So to put your mind at ease, I’d like to offer you an ironclad NO RISK money back guarantee:

Try Document Marketing Robot for the next 7 days, and see for yourself whether it can really put an end to your content creation and traffic generation forever. If you decide at any time within those first 7 days that it isn’t doing what I say it will, let me know, and I’ll refund ALL of your money… no questions asked!

 Are you ready to put an END to your Content Marketing woes once and for all?!

To know that, you are finally free from the hours writing articles and the money spent on outsourcing, and can look forward to content creation automatically, much more traffic and better Search Engine Rankings?

Claim your copy of Document Marketing Robot right away, and in just days, Your Content Marketing worries will be just a memory!

And remember, you’re fully covered by a 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose by giving Document Marketing Robot a try.

To get started with Document Marketing Robot right now, simply follow the link below.


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Doc Marketing Robot

One Time Payment – Instant Access!

Instant Download – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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To YOUR Success

Stephen Hawkins

PS.    Document Marketing Robot will allow you to create content quickly be it PDFs, Articles or using PLR.  It will even publish for you automatically to high ranking websites

PPS.   Document Marketing Robot more content, more traffic

PPPS.    Document Marketing Robot what do you have to lose with our 7 day money back guarantee



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